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9th April 2015 Major Currencies Daily Pivots

Pivot levels are significant price levels calculated based on the high, low and close of the previous period. Not only does it provides price levels to work with, it also gives a range estimate of the trading day.

When the market is trading above the pivot level then it is considered bullish and when the market is trading below the pivot level it is considered bearish. Accompanying the pivot levels are both support and resistance 1 and 2, which we refer to as R1, R2, S1 & S2.

Daily pivot points are commonly used amongst traders to estimate the daily range and also to locate turning points in the market, which are essential for short, medium and long term traders.


EUR/USD Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 1.0934
R1 1.0857
PIVOT 1.0810
S1 1.0732
S2 1.0685


GBP/USD Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 1.5047
R1 1.4957
PIVOT 1.4882
S1 1.4792
S2 1.4717


USD/JPY Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 120.75
R1 120.44
PIVOT 120.04
S1 119.72
S2 119.32


USD/CHF Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 0.9722
R1 0.9692
PIVOT 0.9644
S1 0.9615
S2 0.9567


AUD/USD Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 0.7777
R1 0.7730
PIVOT 0.7681
S1 0.7634
S2 0.7584

NZD/USD Daily Pivot

Pivot Level
R2 0.7671
R1 0.7611
PIVOT 0.7547
S1 0.7486
S2 0.7422


Daily pivot points are sourced via the Invast MT4 platform and provided daily.

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