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The purpose of our 2014 Forecast Guide is to help plan your thoughts and open up your mind to trading opportunities. People tend to service their cars every few thousand kilometres, they refurbish houses and format mobile phones or computers after some time. Likewise, your brain needs to be rewired every so often, so that you see opportunities and filter out the noise in markets.   As a trader or investor, your brain and your way of thinking is your most valuable asset. The greatest risk in this business is falling behind in your way of thinking.

Traders need to mix with the best and talk with the best to become and remain successful. Some might find solace in being isolated, but this is only temporary. The market is a collection of buyers and sellers, each with personalities, thoughts and emotions. Millions of traders participate every single day in markets. It doesn’t matter if you have been trading over a lifetime or just about to enter the market for your first time. Your way of thinking will dictate your success. Your way of thinking will give you the edge over the thousands of other traders in the market place who want your money. At Invast,we aim to bring only the best ideas and opportunities to our clients by articulating our way of thinking.

Those who want a list of quick numbers without changing their way of thinking in 2014 will be disappointed in this guide. We apologise from the outset. This isn’t a magic forecast – we don’t know exactly where markets will go BUT we try our best in putting together some sensible assumptions and from that, we find where the risks and rewards are this year. You should be aware of this when reading market forecasts – there will never be a forecaster who predicts outcomes perfectly over a period of time. Analysts who believe their own numbers blindly are either fooling themselves or lying to you. Experienced traders will most certainly agree with this. Some might get lucky over a period of time but most will eventually blow up.

Consider this. The most successful traders, analysts, brokers and investors in the world are those who have a philosophy, a system by which they base their decisions. If you open up the BRW Rich List and skim through the 100 richest people in Australia, you will see that most have built their wealth through their way of thinking – being able to seize opportunity while balancing risk. For every 100 people on the BRW Rich List there will be millions of others who have attempted the same business outcome and failed. The difference between the winner and loser is in their way of thinking.

The greatest investment you will make in 2014 will be in improving your market knowledge.  When was the last time you actually invested in your education as a trader? Think of all the time and money you spent in 2013 and then write down the amount of time and money you spent educating yourself. How much time or money did you spend on housing, food, clothing, bills, entertainment etc compared to the investment you made on improving your skills as a trader. Many will realise that they have under invested in themselves.

Well that is about to change. At Invast we are helping you start 2014 with a fresh approach. That is the purpose of this guide, an explanation around how we think and how we suggest you structure yourself to make the most out of some fantastic opportunities which will present themselves in 2014. This guide is free of charge, what is required from you though is an investment in time. We want you to use this guide as a first step in a long process of reinventing yourself to become a successful trader. The guide is accompanied by several seminars and webinars which Invast will be hosting. It is paramount that you attend these to find out how we think about markets and how we can help you change your way of thinking to hopefully become successful this year.

Before we get into the actual numbers and forecasts, we want to remind you that in the Chinese zodiac 2014 is the year of the horse. The symbol on the first page of this report is the Chinese word for horse.  We aren’t experts in astrology but we like to draw some simple comparisons with everyday life. Horses are born to either race or travel and no matter how integrated they seem to be, a horse’s inner self remains powerfully rebellious. They are open to challenging the status quo and have boundless counts of energy and ambition. Horses are generally considered in Chinese astrology as being hot blooded and impatient but also gifted and intelligent.

With that in mind, ask yourself what type of horse do you plan to be in 2014?  The type that is quick to act and slow to listen, bolting too hard without considering that pace of the race of challenges ahead, or will you be the horse that is sensible and able to contain their energy with the aim of finishing first among the pack as a champion?

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