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Driverless Cars: Is The Future Already Here? – Investment Insights

There’s a lot of noise coming out about Driverless cars over the past few months. We note that Invast was one of the first major broking firms in Australia to provide a portfolio of stocks on this theme since September 2015. We’ve been talking about driverless cars and identifying companies that are operating in this space for a long time. We continue to see commercialisation of the first driverless cars – or complete autonomous vehicles – in around four to five years time.

Our Driverless Cars strategy on the InvastPortfolioInvestor platform is traveling reasonably well, considering many technology stocks have fallen by more than the broader stock indices in the past few months.* The strategy added 13% in the month ending 11 March, but still slightly down on the year.* We’re looking forward to the long term.

The best performing stock over the month was Tesla.* It sold down heavily earlier this year on doubts around the commercialisation of its products and its market valuation. But the recovery is just as convincing. We didn’t change any exposures in the index and have stuck to our initial portfolio composition. Mobileye and Visteon are also up strongly for the month, among the worst performers is the more traditional Toyota Motor co. down slightly.*

A recent article in the Canberra Times shows that the theme is perhaps becoming a bit more mainstream. The newspaper recently said that ”…the ACT government is lobbying technology giants Tesla and Google to test their driverless car models in Canberra, as part of plans to drive investment and research. Chief Minister Andrew Barr told the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that the government has begun engagement with the companies and the federal government, and is working with the Canberra Business Chamber to promote the city as suitable for development of autonomous car technology…”

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