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Is there a momentum emerging from the Chinese economy? – Investment Insights

We wrote about high growth opportunities on Tuesday, outlining the exposure in our High Growth Multi Asset portfolio. We also discussed the possibility – although very slight in nature – that there could be some Chinese stimulus following last week’s decision by the PBOC (People’s Bank of China) to loosen monetary policy. It might be a little too late for the recent move, but it is stimulus nevertheless. Markets will be watching very closely to see if China’s recent action does have a direct impact on consumers and economic growth.

Our focus today is on Chinese stocks and exposures which come via the China Consumer Hong Kong portfolio. These are basically a basket of Chinese consumer stocks, listed on the Hong Kong market. The portfolio has had a tough year, down around 20% over the year ending 4 March but up in recent weeks as there is a sense of growing optimism that maybe, just maybe, there could be some upside to the Chinese consumer.* Keep in mind that China has been slowing for some time now, we’re well and truly in 2016 and at some point, things should start to nudge higher.

Among the better performers in the portfolio have been China Resources Bear and Galaxy Entertainment. Both of these stocks started March strongly, although they have been some of the weakest performances over the past year.* This sends a signal that perhaps the weakness is starting to reverse. Keep in mind that these are stocks listed in Hong Kong, so they aren’t necessarily prone to movements on the Shanghai exchange. Correlation though can be strong at times.

This is a portfolio to have on your watch list if you feel that Chinese, at some stage over the next few weeks, is about to loosen further and encourage spending among the general population. The seeds are there, we just need to see some more momentum before the green shoots start sprouting.

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