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Luxury brands on the highway – Investment Insights

We wrote about US Defence stocks on Tuesday and pointed to the political impact that could influence these stocks as we approach the year end election. A standout among the strategies on our PortfolioInvestor platform has been Luxury Brands – they got punished when the market came down early this year but the recent recovery has seen many of these stocks posting significant gains.* Abercrombie & Fitch has been one of the key standout performers, up more than 24% for the month ending 18 March.*

According to Forbes Magazine, Abercrombie logged its first same-store sales rise in more than three years during its latest quarter, suggesting the struggling teen retailer has turned a corner. Thanks to strength at its Hollister brand, sales at existing stores rose 1% in the quarter ending January 30, beating analyst estimates of a 0.1% decline. Abercrombie also reported a surge in profits as it dialled back the number of promotions it ran over the holidays. Investors reacted positively to the strong results and sent shares up 7% on the day of the announcement. Gains have continue to flow since.

Abercrombie is reaping the rewards of an intentional corporate turnaround strategy. Those who know the brand will note that it has cut back on its logoed apparel, remodelled stores and shifted away from its infamous sexy advertising. It’s also closing stores one after another – to the tune of about 60 per year – so it can throw more of its weight behind e-commerce. Perhaps a little, but never too late to make important changes.

Other companies in the strategy have also done very well over the month. PVH, Fiat and American Eagle are also up more than 15% over the same period, while higher end brand Tiffany & Co. is slightly lagging its peers.*

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