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Opportunity: A High Growth Portfolio You Want On Your Watch List – Investment Insights

We’ve been talking about various themes over the past few weeks – topics across a whole range of markets and sectors. Our focus today is on the Invast High Growth Multi Asset Portfolio. We launched these core portfolios in September and their performance has been mixed. They draw upon wide asset classes – basically a basket of different asset classes, with each asset class itself made of various exposures. This is similar to having a very wide, global portfolio. Returns over the long term are really what matter, the short term markets can fluctuate and distort earnings a little.

But with that in mind, it’s still important to touch up on these and show you how they can be a core part of your overall exposure on the Invast PortfolioInvestor platform. Our High Growth portfolio hasn’t performed too well – mainly because the riskier types of assets around the world have been coming off in recent months.* When these assets reverse, the performance of this portfolio would be much higher than its peers. It’s all about timing.

The High Growth portfolio is made up of the following exposures – ETF exposures on real estate, developed market companies, emerging market companies with some slight exposure to fixed income. The weighting is higher towards the more volatile and riskier exposures – such as emerging market securities for example. The portfolio return is down around 12% over the past year, as at the week ending 4 March.*

If the market goes through a recovery phase and we do get some unexpected upside (perhaps from some Chinese stimulus or better than expected results in Europe), this type of strategy would see a good reversal in sentiment. It’s hard to pinpoint these events, but it is worthwhile having this on your watch list just in case things do move quickly. We’ll be updating you on this strategy if we do see these market forces in play.

To find out more about Invast’s PortfolioInvestor platform – and strategies like High Growth Multi Asset Class – click here.

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*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The calculation of the returns is based on the performance of the actual underlying securities, in accordance with the weighting envisaged by the portfolio. These performances exclude financing and commission costs.

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