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The downward spiral of the Australian Banks

Invast has been negative to slightly neutral on the Australian banks over the past two years. We changed our view to an outright negative over the past few weeks – confirmed by ANZ and CBA’s large capital raisings. Our analysis though doesn’t just stop at the individual stock level. One of the important things to note is that the Value Australia strategy on our PortfolioSelect platform is around 40% exposed to financial stocks, of which the downward movement in the Australian banks will have a negative impact.

If you’re holding this strategy, it might be time to switch.

The good news is that the Value Australia strategy has delivered just under 9% return over the past year, so investors who have had exposure to this are more than better placed than those who just purchased the ASX200 index. The broader market is down over the past year, yet this strategy is well and truly delivering a positive return. But that could change and we want to get on the front foot. Invast’s PortfolioSelect platform is attractive in that it offers diversification but investors need to ensure that they aren’t over exposed to certain overlapping baskets of diversification.

The downward spiral in the Australian banks will cause headaches in the coming years. There are plenty of other well diversified, international and attractive strategies which we comment on twice every single week. Remember, prevention is better than cure and locking in some healthy gains thanks to banking exposure is not a bad strategy at all.

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