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US Presidential Elections draws a potential Trump card for American Defence – Investment Insights

There’s no doubt a lot of interest in US politics as we come into the Presidential Election. Trump has dominated headlines as he looks to sure up the Republican nomination. The betting markets suggest that Trump has basically secured this, based on recent primaries and Hillary is the front runner on the Democratic side of politics. We watch this closely because we have several investment strategies on the Invast PortfolioInvestor platform which are tied to the US economy. One in particular stands out – American Defence.

We’ve been discussing the implications of this strategy under a Trump Presidency. Would he really pursue some of the things that he has been saying? It’s too hard to tell at this stage, but we’re starting to see some price movement on stocks in this strategy selection. For example, Boeing has performed nicely over the past month, adding around 13% as of the month ending 18 March.* Trump has been vocal in criticising countries that seek American aid yet purchase Airbus planes from European competition. There are a lot of investment implications if, under the still unlikely scenario, Trump becomes president.

The prospect of full blown war is still not being taken seriously by the market in the way stock prices are behaving. One would think that Trump cannot use any executive powers to bypass congress and risk United States geopolitical security, just for the sake of fulfilling some campaign promises. But then again, who knows how this can pan out. We have seen public opinion change on many other political issues, like the Iraq war for example. Many experts thought the Bush administration would not put US troops on the ground, but they did in 2003.

The American Defence US strategy is worth adding on your watch list as the US Presidential Election draws closer.

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