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China: The Market Is Not As Bad As We Think – Investment Insights

There’s continued talk around the market that Chinese authorities are now in a position to start pushing through more stimulus measures as growth starts to fall below government set limits. We saw some signs of that last week with monetary easing but we still haven’t seen a large, fiscal package of the start we saw following the 2009 downturn.

Losses in our Chinese Infrastructure Giants portfolio have started to narrow, following gains last week in Chinese equities.*The portfolio is now down around 10% for the year ending 11 March.* The best performers over the past month have been the most basic Chinese utility companies.* While concerns over Chinese equities have not completed died, there is a growing sense in the market that things may not be as bad as what the volatility on the Shanghai exchanges suggests.

We’re treading carefully here. Calling a bottom in any Chinese stock exposure, even those listed in Hong Kong, is dangerous and probably premature. But we are making the point that infrastructure companies have the ability to claw back losses and more on the back of short term government stimulus measures. We’ve gone on the record and explicitly called out Chinese online and internet stocks as attractive in the past few months. We’re now starting to entertain the thought that maybe, the more traditional and sometimes boring utilities are also worth adding on the watch list, should sentiment change.

One needs to keep in mind that the United States, Japan and Europe are still very loose in their monetary policy. Japan and Europe continue to dig in deeper. China is the largest exporting nation on earth, so it must also stimulate and plug holes in the domestic economy if it wants to maintain social cohesion. Pressure on Beijing may translate into more stimulus action.

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