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Small Cap Favourites: Pepper Group Limited

Pepper is a stock we’ve been watching closely, we wrote about it back in June when the stock price was sitting at around the $2.20 mark (read the note here). Since then, the stock has bounced nicely back towards the $3 per share market as of the time of writing. A recent announcement from the company caught our eye last week.

In the note, Pepper says that it divested around $400m of loans from its balance sheet to a separate buyer. The announcement explains that Pepper will continue with these types of divestments. They make sense, interest rates are low and there are many buyers chasing yield. By the same token, Pepper gets to recapitalise its balance sheet and appease any market concerns around the credit quality of its book.

The full announcement can be found on the company’s site or under ASX announcements, dated 19 August 2016.

It’s a smart move and one that we think may continue to help Pepper as it seeks to highlight the value of its entire business. There are a lot of interesting parts to this business, it’s in the right space to grow through scale. More divestments will help articulate this to a crowded market place.


We continue to watch it closely and will update if the stock rises above $3 per share.

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Peter Esho

Chief Market Analyst

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